Need help identifying creepy sound in the woods

cicene mete

11 Years
Jun 19, 2008
I was out scaring a skunk away from my chicken coop when I heard a very creepy sound coming from the distant woods. I've heard it a couple of times before. It sounds almost like a cat fight, but much louder, harsher, and from much farther away. There was a more muted call in between the shrieking, but that might be a different animal. I live in Western Massachusetts in farm country. Any thoughts?

On a not entirely unrelated note, what is the best type of gun for someone who hasn't shot anything since camp 20 years ago and who has no desire to hunt, only to protect his chickens? We bought a cheap pellet gun, and it just isn't going to cut it around here.
I don't know about the weird noise, although it sounds familiar to a noise we hear every once in a while that is just straight creepy!

As far as the gun thing goes, I like shotguns. A .22 might be a good idea....
No idea....I don't think I have those out here, but I know whatever made the noise was scary. I would imagine it has 4 legs, a tail, eight eyes, huge fangs that shoot poison, a long ridge of fur down its back....and it hides under cars and porches.....

And claws...lots of claws....Talons, even....
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if it sounds like a sort of shrieking, it could be a fox. If it sounds like monkeys, it is racoons. if it is a whoof, it is a close bear, giving a warning and if it sounds like a womans scream it could be a cougar. Gee.......I am hoping for something simple. I just creeped myself out, knowing I hear most of those on a regular basis. LOL.
The raccoons around here scream and cry very loudly. Very unnerving sounds coming from the woods at times. Like cats possessed. Or monkeys!
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Post delited, as this was an answer to a different post. It prooves I should NOT respond to things before that much needed cup of coffee. DOH!
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