Need help identifying day old chick please!


5 Years
Sep 3, 2014
Bridgewater, VA
My chicks arrived today, two of the mystery chicks are clearly polish, the other one has a totally reddish brown head with some chipmunk type stripes down the back. No "eyeliner" no feathers on feet, four toes, slightly bigger looking than the others. I will try to load a picture! Thanks so much!


it is very hard to sex a day old chicks looking at pictures .... we need feather or vent sexing... post more pictures after week or two...
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Oh sorry I wasn't asking for sex of the chick, I ordered female so I said she, looking for hints as to breed, supposed to be one of the mystery rare chicks, thanks though! Here is a blurry pic but it shows the stripe a little better. I will figure it out eventually i know, just excited :)
They came from my pet chicken from their rare breed assortment. I pretty much stalked their page all day Monday and Tuesday and based on the last minute availability i think it might be a double laced barnevelder. The list of possibilities is pretty long but I had assumed they ship from extras... Easter egger, welsummer, and speckled Sussex are on the list but weren't listed as available but their site says it is possible to get something sold out if extras hatch. Thanks for helping!

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