Need Help Identifying Fertile Eggs


7 Years
Oct 20, 2012
H&B Hens (My Flock) Texas
We have 1 roo and about 14 hens. The roo was by accident but we kept him anyways. We eat the eggs even if he is there but I was thinking about hatching some of the eggs. I have seen diagrams of fertile eggs over time but I want to know if you can tell the difference between and fertile and nonfertile egg the day you take them out of the coop. Anyone help? Thanks!
Not without cracking them open. When you crack them open you'll see a white bullseye shape about O <--that big sitting on the yolk. Infertile eggs will have a white dot on the yolk instead
Yup only method is opening the egg, Unless you have an amazing candler bright enough to see the yolk with the white dot.

Best of luck
You can always incubate them. After 7-10 days it is obvious who was fertile and who wasn't. Those with veins and an air sac were fertile those without either weren't.

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