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  1. TashaS

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    Nov 19, 2012
    Hey there! We are 8 days into incubating 18 eggs! We are planning to convert a stall in the barn into a coop, but we're not sure if that's feasible, and I'm hoping y'all can help me out with that! The barn floor is straight dirt; will that be a problem? I know we need to put hardware cloth around the bottom to prevent anyone from digging in, but other than that does dirt post a problem? We have a tack room with a concrete floor, so that MIGHT be an option (we're renting), although the stall would be larger.
    My next concern is a chicken door. I'm planning to let the chickens free range. We are sitting on 10 acres, and although we do have a couple of neighbors, we are in a pretty rural setting. We're keeping the birds for dual purpose, so I'm hoping roosters will help keep the girls safe, and we have dogs. We have plenty of trees for shade cover. That being said, the stall (and the tack room) are both in the very front of the barn next to the big open door. Said door is rusted open, and we can't get it to shut. SOOOO, can we just open up the door in the morning and let them wander out into the yard? Or do we NEED a chicken door that lets them out directly into the yard? I don't know how easy it will be to cut a chicken door into corrugated metal!
    Thanks in advance for your help! I LOVE this site!
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    Hi, welcome to BYC.....

    having a dirt floor shouldnt be a problem....u said u were going to put hardware cloth down, and u could use pine shavings as a soft bedding if u think it would be better. Or, u could use sand at the bottom the coop like i do.

    I dont really think u need to make a new door that lets them into the yard....if they act anything like my chickens they will rush outside once the door is opened
  3. Creaking pines kids

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    All your plans sound fine. I think you could use a stall as a chicken coop.
  4. TashaS

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    Nov 19, 2012
    we were only planning to put hardware cloth on the outside of the barn, and bury it. Are you saying we should put it on the inside of the barn stall, all over the floor? Would we just tack it to the floorboards?
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    Quote: If the barn has a foundation you won't need any wire
    If it's a pole barn you can just lay the wire flat on the ground and put just enough dirt to cover it lightly so grass can grow up through it..
    I wouldn't cut any "chicken door" in a barn wall if you don't own the barn

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