NEED HELP! Mycoplasma Gallesepticum


Sep 24, 2019
Hey guys! I have a few questions for all you experts regarding my pet chicken, Big Y. We took him to the vet a little over a month ago and he was diagnosed with Mycoplasma Gallisepticum. We were given a liquid antibiotic (SMZ TMP Suspension 48mg/ml), and an eye drop (Gentamicin Sulfate 5 mg). We gave her the medications per doctor instructions, and it went away. A few weeks later, it came back. I called the vet office because they told me that if it came back to give them a call and they would give me a refill. BUT, when I called, they weren't able to help me without making an appointment (AKA another $130 for just the visit...) We love our chickens but another trip to the vet at that expense seems a bit excessive on a $2.00 chicken. Being that MG is very contagious, and we recently ran out of the meds, we are looking for a different route. We have also been doing homeopathic as well, such as drops and herbs. We know that if we don't act fast, euthanizing will be the only option but I wanted to reach out to you guys first. If any of you have any tips or advice on ways to help my hen without going back to the doctor, it would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks in advance.


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If it is MG (did the vet do a test to make sure it was specifically MG and not another respiratory disease, since they all present similarly?) you can buy yourself some Denagard and just treat with that. It's a big bottle for $40, and it should last you awhile.

But your bird will never be cured. MG does not ever go away, no matter how many times you treat it. The symptoms will subside, but then they will flare back up again whenever the bird's immune system is down.

If this bird has been in with other birds, likely they already have it.

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Do you have an actual diagnosis, based on lab word?
I'm so sorry you are having this happen in your flock. She will carry this disease forever, and all your birds also are infected for life.
They are contagious to every other flock and pet bird where there's any contact, either directly, or through you if you don't practice excellent biosecurity.
You can treat them for acute flairups, forever, and never send any of your birds, their eggs, or chicks to any other flocks.
Or, you can euthanize everyone, clean the coop, wait three weeks, and start over with healthy birds.
It's a sad situation, however you decide to manage it all.

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