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  1. bills_m

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    Dec 14, 2009
    Hi, my garden is in 2 halves, one half concrete and the other half soil. i put the coop on the soil by my fence/wall and tried to keep the chickens on the mud by putting something in line with the coop to the other fence either wth crates or bricks. however they always seem to fly over onto the concrete and sh*t all over it which is a lot more work to clean than when they do it on the soil. looking to make some sort of chicken fence but jus wanted to ask wat i would need ( gardens about 10 metres wide), how high would the fence have to be or is there anything i can try apart from a fence?

    i no i rambled on a bit, so if u need more details pls ask thx
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    Nov 24, 2008
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    I put chicken wire up about 7 ft for my run. I suppose they could fly over it if they really wanted to, but none have so far. If any do then I'll probably put some type of netting over my run. The first three feet I have 1/2" hardware cloth but that's to keep the preditors out.
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    Have you heard of hog panels? They're galvanized steel, kind of like big oven grates. They're four feet wide, but come in lengths from six feet to sixteen feet. I use them for my chicken pen and attach poultry mesh to them.

    I live in the wild where bears, mountain lions, and all sorts of predators are a considerable problem. So I've put the hog panels over the top, too. You can use them on end, or create a four foot high pen. You can cut them with bolt cutters to any size you need. They're unbelievably sturdy, and would be a cinch to install between your two supports. I use T posts for my free standing pen.
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    Nov 24, 2009
    my fence is only at 4.5 ft high none of mine of flew out yet i used chain link fence on part of mine and welded wire on the other part. years ago when i was much younger say 5 yrs old i can recall us having a few chickens that just knew it was better on the other side so daddy but up another 4 ft of fence and curved the top 1 ft inward torwads the chicken yard this solved all promblems his fence height was 8 foot.
  5. Duke of Orpington

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    Quote:I stopped at Tractor Supply again today and looked at the different hog and cattle panels they have. I'm thinking of using them as a the 'base' for a hoop run and stretching hardware cloth over the top like you're talking about. Should make a really nice sturdy predator proof run. And not real expensive either. I could stretch a tarp over the top to have a covered run when I wanted one. They look like a very versatile building material for chicken farming.

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    Oct 19, 2009
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