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Need help on chicken run

Discussion in 'Coop & Run - Design, Construction, & Maintenance' started by chickenkid25, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. chickenkid25

    chickenkid25 In the Brooder

    Mar 23, 2016
    I willbe having a chicken run for my new chickens and i was wondering what is best for them on the ground in the run, grass or dirt or sand or whatever. Anything that you guys tink is best. Thanks:)

  2. knightgang

    knightgang In the Brooder

    Mar 17, 2016
    Southeast, GA
    Depending on the size of the run and the number of chickens you have, I am pretty sure any grass will be turned to dirt in a short period of time. Many will use pine shavings as a bedding layer on the dirt once the grass is gone. Others use sand.

    Me, my coops can be moved like a tractor, so I leave mine as a dirt floor until I get around to moving it.

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  3. Gabej

    Gabej In the Brooder

    Mar 13, 2016
    Houston, Texas
    I have a rather shallow water table so any rain mucks up the backyard for a couple days. I put down a good layer of straw and change it out once a week or as needed. We also compost a ton of our yard clippings, any weeds from the garden beds, coffee ground etc, so occasionally I'll put a thick layer of compost for the hens to dig in they seem to enjoy finding bugs and worms to eat.
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