need help on eggs


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Mar 29, 2010
Scottsboro, AL
my hen has just hatched 3 chicks yesterday and there are still 2 eggsand i candled themthe air sack or whatever its called is still there and i moved it and it looked watery is this normal or should i toss them?shouldnt it be all black? pics of the chicks



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All but where the aircell is should be dark if there is a fully developed chick in the egg. If it looks clear or a decent amt. of it's clear I think it would be safe to toss the egg. If there's any question I would let her sit on them a couple more days. Congrats on the chicks!
well she's not leaving them to feed the chicks so i took them and when i did they was starting to get cold bc she wasnt reallt sitting on them so i stuck them in the incubator think i should just leave them for a few days? it shouldnt look like there is water in it right? it is all dark sooo idk what to do lol
If they aren't smelly let them go another day or two. I had some that went on lockdown I didn't see movement in but I'll be darned if they wasn't moving earlier today.

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