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9 Years
Jun 6, 2010
Hi I'm quite new to the fun world of chickens and need some help working out the gender of 1 of my 3 chicks. The one i am unsure of is Poppy . . . . a 12 week old buff orpingon who is alot bigger than and more developed than my other buff orpington Blossom, of the some age.

The first two pictures are of Poppy and the second 2 are of Blossom.
See what you think from my pictures below, many thanks, Becky x




Thanks for the quick response. It does seem pretty obvious to me too.
We got them quite young and the lady who sold them to us did say she would be happy to swap if any did turn out not to be hens but she also said that it can be quite difficult to tell with the orps untill about 11 months old.
I have sent her an email with these pics on so I'm just waiting to hear from her now.

The 3rd chick that we got is a cochin, which after reading through a few other post, think i may also have cause for concern too!

This is Florence . . . . our 12 week old cochin. I think im just asuming shes a she as i dont have another one to compare her too like i have with Poppy (or should i say 'Pops) and Blossom. What do you guys think? Do i have double roo's on my hands here?????



Florence is the one with a few white feathers .
i only have bantam cochins but that doesnt look like one to me. all the cochins i've seen have feathers all the way down their legs! that kinda looks like my amber-links or red-stars? maybe its cochin crooss of some kind?
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Yeah...I kinda thought the definition of cochins was having feathered legs? Unless the picture's bad...

If not, I agree, looks like some kind of red sex-link (aka red star, cinnamon, amber-link...etc)
Oh dear . . . . she does have like a line of feathers growing down her legs and i guess i thought that they would eventually thicken up . . . . . but she was sold to me as a cochin. I will see if i can find any other pictures of a 12 week old cochin. To be honest though i dont really mind . . . . she is lovely natured, i am more concerned about them being roo's as our neighbours will not be very happy. Thanks for your response though x
Well i do have to agree that Florence does not look like a cochin at all.

These are my first chicks and she was sold to me as a cochin. She does however have a line of feathers growing down each leg and onto her toes . . . . and now i have no idea what she is! I have tried looking at plenty of pics and think she looks more like a red star/link . . . . but am i right in thinking that sex linked chicks are all female ?????
I will try and get some better photos of her tomorrow as i was initially worry that poppy was a roo.

I have spoke to the lady who sold them to me and she is happy to swap if any did turn out to be roos . . . . ive not mentioned the cochin issue as it is such a friendly bird . . . . im just waiting for an egg or a crow out of them both to really identify weather they are hens or not.

Thanks guys x
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