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    Hi all,

    I am new to raising rabbits for meat. I currently have 4 does and might reduce to 2 or 3, I am not sure yet.

    I currently have two litter, so about 16 kits total. I expect to raise maximum 20-25 at the same time.

    I have seen a few farms around where I live, and they put all the babies in one large pen.. but I don't think they have 25 ;)

    Can you guys with experience guide me please?

    Can I leave all the kits together until processing time?
    How big of an enclosure do I need for 20-25 kits?

    I thought of doing a kind of rabbit tractor setup, like for meat chickens, and move that around my lawn over the summer. I know I need to have wired bottom to the cage. Would it be OK? Will it smell too much and force me to move the pen everyday?

    And if I use a "fixed" enclosure instead, the best would be a wired floor so I can pickup the droppings easier, right? And if so, what do I put below the cage to gather the droppings? Do I use wood shavings in a "box"? I'd need to protect it from the rain because I learned with chickens, that wetness and wood shavings = bad smells!!

    Sorry for all the questions and any guidance will be appreciated :) If you have pictures of your enclosures that would be great.
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