Need help on hatching Call Duck Eggs…


12 Years
Feb 27, 2007
South Louisiana
I have some Call Duck Eggs on the way…

This will be my first try at hatching duck eggs. My bator is a 1588 Genesis Hova-Bator. What advise can you give me? I have read that Call Duck eggs are supposed to be hard to hatch….Sooo I need HELP From those with experience at hatching them.

On the Mississippi State University web site is says for Ducks Incubation Period is 28 days, Temp 100, Humidity 85-86%, do not turn after 25th day, Humidity Last 3 days 90%. Is this information correct?

Should I hand turn or use a turner?

I have also read where some people mist them daily with warm water?

Thanks for your Help!
Hi Mitzi,
I'm actually new to hatching, on day 6 of doing our first batch of chicken eggs with the same incubator youre going to use - I am interested in knowing how things work out for you as we seriously want to hatch call duck eggs next, and plan to buy shipped eggs too....Good luck with your hatch! Tina/tfpets
Hey, I don't treat my call duck eggs any different than I do any of my other eggs. As a matter of fact I have some of My call ducks, and the BEI duck eggs in the bator with all my chicken eggs right now and they are supposed to start hatching tomorrow and I can hear them pipping away in there. Also I put them in the turners and let the bator turn them I don't hand turn. Just the way I do them and I always get good hatches. Someone else may can tell you more than me.

I never had much luck hatching my calls' eggs so I let the hens do the work for me when I want to hatch some and then take them away when they hatch. You might want to start really watching them on day 26.....mine usually start hatching then. I didn't have my 1588's when I tried so maybe they will work better.
Thanks Tina!

Hey James!...
You should see my little Barred NN I hatched from your eggs...They are awesome! I am so excited about them and can't wait to see them once they are grown and feathered out. I am also looking forward to seeing what the buff/blue orps look like. I bet they are going to be cool looking. The little sebrights are cuties too. I had posted about them hatching but I don't think you saw it.
Thanks for the info on hatching the Calls...So you don't do anything different for them? I have three 1588 Genesis Hova-Bator's so I will be able to put them in a bator by themselves and not in the bator with my chicken eggs. So since they will be by themselves should I make the Humidity higher? I guess I will put them in the turner...It will most likely be safer than me hand turning them. And James if you ever have any Call and/or BEI eggs for sale shoot me an email…I would love to buy some from you.
Yea Katy...That is what I have read, that you have trouble hatching the Calls.
I just want a few 3 or 4 and I want them to imprint on me as their Mama. I want them to follow me around in my yard as I work in my garden and keep me company. I hope I can get them to hatch.
And I will watch them on day 26...Thanks!
Awwww...I wish I was closer too! That's a cutie on your Avatar. Besides white what other colors do you have? Do you ever sell eggs?
Awwww...I wish I was closer too! That's a cutie on your Avatar. Besides white what other colors do you have? Do you ever sell eggs?

I've got a snowy pair...although I've never thought the hen looks like a snowy hen should....a butterscotch mix hen and her daughter, a couple of magpie drakes that are going to the next poultry auction, 2 grey pied drakes, a grey hen, 3 anconas....and a bunch of whites. Some more of the drakes are also going to the sale next time, but I can't make up my mind who. I combined pens because I needed one of their pens for some chickens so there's too many for one pen.

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