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Hello everyone, I'm in the process of building a coop and setting up a run to house 6 chickens. Until recently my idea was to just get 6 Rhode island reds. But the Mrs. wants 3 white egg layers instead of just 6 brown.

I've been doing my research and browsing through the facts. But I would like to hear from people who actually raise chickens and have some experience instead of a spreadsheet giving the bare minimum.

So here is what I'm looking for, 3 brown layers,3 white layer. With excellent egg production. I would like them to have a very docile disposition. (which I have not been able to find in a white layer). I'm looking for the breeds to be less prone to being broody, as I have a neighbor who had this problem on a regular basis.

Extra large eggs would be a plus, but large or even medium are okay. And they must be able to tolerate both heat and cold.

Let me know what you have a mix of and of there are any problems with it. Or if you have a good idea of breed that would suit me let me know

Also another thought here.. If I was to get 2 different breeds, and raise all 6 chicks together from day one is there a better chance everyone will get along as opposed to buying pullets and stick them together in the coop?

Thanks everyone!

I'll check back often to see if anyone needs more info from me
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I've thought about mixing the Rhode island reds and white leghorn. But I've read that the leghorns are not a very docile breed, or kid friendly.
White Leghorns are the very best white egg layer by far. In terms of production you can not do any better. They are very good flyers and this can be a problem depending on your set up. They are not know as overly friendly but I have found that with a little effort you can make them tame. With about a week of daily "training" (sitting very still and quiet outside and tossing them mealworms gradually closer and closer to me) mine will eat out of my hands, climb into my lap, and come when called. They squat for me and allow me to handle them. I am very fond of this breed.
The white leghorns sound like they way to go for good egg producers.. What would be the best bred to have them share acoop with in your opinion, red stars or Rhode island reds?

I don't want a very docile breed mixed with one that will " bully" them
I am only allowed a small number of birds so I always keep a mixed flock. I have no experience with red stars so I can not speak to that. But, I have kept a white leghorn and a road island red together without any problems. Every once in a while you will get a fluke mean hen (I had a Maran who was horrible) but I currently have 6 hens that are 5 different breeds (2 leghorns) and they all get along just fine.

If you are getting them from different places and putting them together for the first time there is always a rough patch,
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oh,wait, u don,t want a brooder. never mind that osterlorp idea. they r known setters. but if u want multi-colored eggs ameraucanas r the way 2 go! they r kid friendly egg producers. same with araucanas. or at least mine r.

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