Need help! Please read!


10 Years
Jul 2, 2009
My rooster Fluffy has been acting weird lately
Age-Bout a year?
Symptoms-Pale droopy,comb,eating normal,hunkers down sorta,he's been free ranging but we put him up and he seemed kinda sad so we let him out again,he didnt go in his spot tonight he slept on the step and usually he hides up in the corner,


I hope someone can help and if I need to post more info then I would be happy too! I love my Fluffy!!!!!!!
Not sure, but maybe molting and/or parasites. Check him over really good for mites/lice and mabe take a sample in to the vet to have a fecal float done to see if he needs to be wormed. In the meantime you could give him some high protein treats like cat food or scrambled eggs.
Have you wormed him lately? I have had similar issues especially with my roos and worms were the likely culprit. Does he have any other symptoms like diarrhea?

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