Need help please with my goose!


Hello let me explain if I can in as much detail as I can. Need help please with my goose.
She is 2 years old I believe and she is a pomeranian mix I also believe. Anyways 3 weeks ago she was not doing well so we gave her some stallment in her water and then a syringe. Then a couple of days she still wasn't doing well her beck was changing colors and she wasn't eating and was drinking lots of water. Then she had stinky diarrhea and it was white and watery. I tried offering her some food but still no reply. Then we gave her some probiotic and a few days later after the probiotic she starting eating and drinking but she been sitting and not moving for about 2 weeks at most. Then a few more days later she got worse so we gave her a course of antibiotic a 1 cc syringe for 5 days. Now she is eating, alert, and talks but she can't walk or move her legs. Here is a picture or two please please help me!!!


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yes and no I think dad is a female but we call him dad. but they look different look I'll post a pic of dad goose. She was on a course of penicillin for 5 days. that when she started eatting and drinking agian.


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