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  1. Here is what I need help in.....For some reason do not know why the incubator went down to 95 it took 2 days to get it back up. This is a bigger incubator it had three racks of eggs in it. Are those eggs now dead? My son is ready to throw them out. Candling at our house is well....lacking....we can never agree on what we saw or did not see, if you know what I mean. We only have a flashlight to do the candling with so as my son says, " we need a real way to candle". I hate to think that they could die so quickly Please help.......thanks Suzette
  2. Mrs MIA

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    Mar 3, 2008
    They're fine... just leave them in there, and bring the temps back up slowly. [​IMG] I had eggs that dropped down to 45°F in the middle of winter before I found them, and they hatched just fine.

    There are several threads on candling... just use the search button at the top of the page. There have been a lot of suggestions for types/designs to build at home, or you can order one online from many of the hatcheries/suppliers. [​IMG]

    You can start seeing veins as early as 3 days - you didn't say how long the eggs had been in the incubator, but if it's in the early days you won't see much anyway. I candle around 7 days to remove any clears, and then again at day 14. If you aren't sure, leave it in there. And sit on your hands... that's what they're always telling me! LOL!
    Good luck!
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    I wouldn't toss them. There have been power outages that have made bators drop pretty low and at least some of the eggs have hatched out of them.

    I would just give them time and see what happens.

  4. They are supposed to hatch out in 4 days. My son does not like to loose any. His hatch rate has been pretty good so far, he hates for anything to die.
  5. Will the lower temps cause them to hatch out later than they should? Thanks for all the help.......
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    yes they will hatch later because of the temps.
  7. How much later? If we candle them what should we expect to see at this late of date?..again thanks for all the help
  8. Mrs MIA

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    If you candle them now, all you will see is the airsac and darkness. 4-5°F shouldn't slow them down much, if at all, really. Maybe push it one day, but better too low a temp than too high. I wouldn't worry about candling them. Just leave them be, and in two days bump up the humidity and stop turning them as normal.
  9. Strange thing some are hatching out now that were not supposed to hatch until 4 more days. Sadly one of my porcelin(sp?) chicks died trying to hatch. It was doing good and then when my son checked on him/her again he/she was dead. Very sad because I only have a pair and she only lays every so often once a week if I am lucky.
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    Quote:I'm sorry to hear about your lose. I wanted to let you know I had a power outage for over 8 hours. My temp went down to 80. I still have a good hatch. I wish you the best.

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