Need help please!!!!


6 Years
Apr 18, 2013
We lost a number of our chicks a couple nights ago, and my youngest son is inconsolable because his black cochin bantam is gone. His birthday is Friday and I'm trying to find a place I can order from immediately. I HAVE to get him a chick by his birthday (he is autistic, and doesn't understand when I try to explain why that might not be possible.) and want to order black and blue cochins (either bantam or standard). I only want to order between 5 and 15 chicks. Is this possible? To order immediately and have by Friday? Because I cannot find any place close to me that I can go to and get them in person. Live out in the country in Flagler County, Florida. Any help is appreciated!
Ignore this please :) Just called Ideal and they are shipping 5 black cochins, 5 blue cochins, 2 gold laced and 2 barred cochins. Be here by Friday YAY

Thanks, I had called MPC and they didn't have the cochins available for shipping by Friday.
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I really appreciated Ideal working with me.... their online site said they didn't have any available to ship this week but I went ahead and called and they were willing to work with me because of my son. Very much appreciated! (And I don't know who's more excited... me or my oldest one who is in on the surprise.
We're going to let my youngest pick which he wants to be his. Except the gold. Those are mine *grin* )

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