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    Dec 2, 2012
    One of my hens is acting strange. She doesn't want to eat or drink. Stays in the coop unless I get her out. Only then will she walk around with her sisters shortly to their favorite spot to lay once again. I picked her up to hold her and liste to her breathing and it sounds off to me. Kind of a laboring in a way. I held her and pet her and she just set there and hung her head with her eyes closed. I noticed under her Beek was wet. As I held her every once in a while she would kind of swallow a few times. I don't know what's wrong this time. I brought her in and put her in a quite place on a heating pad. Please Please HELP !!!!!!!!
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    You're off to a good start with the quarantine.

    If the wet beak was nasal discharge, I would get some oxytetracycline in her.

    How old is she? Has been been laying?

    Have you felt her crop for any thing unusual (really hard or squishy/spongy)? Have you investigated her for injury, infections, wounds, etc? Does she have any masses in her abdomen?

    How do her poops look?

    https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/805728/go-team-tube-feeding <~~ If she has stopped eating and drinking, you MUST continue to get fluids in her, or she will die of dehydration faster than you can help her. Tube feeding is the best way (assuming her crop is clear).

    Any other info you can provide will help.... And pictures make "diagnosing" 100,000% easier.

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