Need help quick! Abandoned eggs and no incubator!


5 Years
Apr 5, 2014
I have searched and searched for instructions with a similar case as mine! Ok it's long but j will start in the beginning. Early this summer, my whole flock was killed minus one hen and 2 ducks. Weeks later she went broody but with no rooster, I decided to put duck eggs under her. A couple weeks later I canceled them and they were duds. My duck layed 5 more which I put under my hen. They literally have days left to hatch. And just yesterday she decided she didn't want to be broody. Yesterday in the late evening when I went to check on them they were completely cold. I thought about throwing them out as they were cold and I have no incubator. But I decided to put them in a wide bowl on my counter with a heat lamp. I have no idea what the temp is but I have adjusted the lamp to where the eggs are quite warm to the touch but not hot. I also put slightly damp paper towels around them to simulate some type of humidity. To be honest I thought the eggs were gonners and my attempts were useless. I again was going to throw them out a few minutes ago as I didn't want dead duck eggs on my counter.. But I just couldn't without knowing for sure. I tried listening and heard nothing and saw no movement. I made a teeny tiny hole in the air sack but did not puncture the membrane.. The baby inside is alive!!!! I really hope I didn't screw up doing the small hole but I looked and looked and could not find anyone who was in the same situation as me. So I didn't know what else to do.. I have a friend who had an incubator but gave it away. My nearest tractor supply doesn't not have one in stock at the moment.. So I'm am kind of loss at what else to do in this situation! I'm still kind of in awe they are still alive. Any suggestions anyone?

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