Need help sexing Tufted Roman - pics included


11 Years
Nov 10, 2008
Dallas, TX
I got a pair of Tufted Roman geese on March 8 from Ideal. They're now 11 1/2 weeks old. I'm having a hard time telling which is the male and which is the female. It kind of looks to me like one has a little bit bigger tuft than the other. I'm guessing the male has the bigger tuft. Their size is pretty similar, too. Can someone help me out? These are my first geese. They're a riot and I love having them.

The geese sizing up Spike

Checking out the "Duck Inn"
I think the male is in the front in the bottom 2 pictures in your first post. The second post I think that one is the female. I am new at geese so I am not an expert. My advice comes with 50% guarantee.
I only went by size and stance.

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