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    May 7, 2009
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    I have wanted to raise chickens for I don't know how long....I have a place to build a run 10X20 at least. I have chain link fencing not being used that I can use. I have wood to build a coop, available water and power. All I need is the encouragement! Can I start them on the grass? I think I would want to go with juveniles, probably 6 or so. What kind of precautions do I need to make around the bottom of the fencing, and for a top cover over such a large area of a run to prevent them getting out and predators in(I'll encounter the coons and an occasional fox and others I suppose). I've uncovered alot of info on this site, but there's so much I don't know! What breed do I get for great egg production and a very calm temperment? I don't think I'm interested in fertilized eggs, so do I really need a rooster? Sooo many questions, ehh? I hope you all give me your two cents worth! I'm in southeastern Illinois, so winters are cold and summers are hot! Thanks![​IMG]
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    Well, welcome to our addiction!!! GIT-R-DONE!!! NO you don't need a roo, they will lay without a roo, sometimes the roo encourages them to start laying a bit earlier but you don't NEED one. it is kind of nice to wake up to cock-a-doodle-doo though!

    The breed depends on whether you want big or bantam(the smaller version of the big)
    Orpingtons are calm, Cochins are nice but sometimes the roos can be a bit um not nice. Game birds are very overprotective of their area. Silkies are just plain evil(meaning they steal your soul and make you buy more chickens than you planned on) they are very broody and will hatch you out some nice little chicks if they have a roo with them. Welsummers are good layers, RIR are good layers, Look at the cackle hatchery website and they break theirs down into layers etc.

    Bury the bottom of the fencing so critters cannot dig underneath it. I use a tarp on the top of my runs and they work good till it rains then it kind of sags in the middle. I think if you use the stuff for the top of dog runs it would be good. You can start them on the grass, as a matter of fact they would LOVE that.
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    Gritsar is right I would look around in the coop section for a while. You will get some great ideas and figurre out what will work perfectly just for you.

    This is a great section to look at to decide what breed to get.

    There is a lot of information already on the site so if you have a question ask it on the 'google custom search' in the upper right hand corner below the advertisment first. There is a wealth of information just waiting for you! [​IMG]

    Good luck and enjoy your new adventure.

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