Need help tanning a hide

Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by Skip, May 6, 2009.

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    I've got a woodchuck hide, shot about 48 hours ago. I got most of the meat off and salted it down. The hair hasn't slipped yet, so I'm assuming it's still fine. It's covered in white, crusty stuff. It doesn't smell like anything except salted meat.

    What do I do now? How can I tan it (with fur on) so that it'll last a LONG time, be soft and not smell? What chemicals should I use? (I wanted to use brain tanning but DM didn't want me to...)



    PS: Please respond quickly
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    If you want to keep the fur, don't leave the salt near the fur more than 24 hours (like in the salt water) - other than that I don't have any help for you. After I soak mine for 24 hours, I rinse them off really well, salt the "meat" side and put them in my freezer til I can find out how to do them the rest of the way.

    I have lost fur on one because I left it in the salt water for 36 hours.
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    I could give you my mom's number. She's tanned my hide many times. [​IMG]

    sorry couldn't resist [​IMG]

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