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Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by DogGUrl, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. DogGUrl

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    Oct 18, 2011
    My Husband and I purchased 10 1 yr old laying hens approx 4 months ago. They were laying great producing 7 eggs each day. Approximately 3 weeks ago they stopped laying all together. The weather had gotten much colder, chickens were without heat for 2 days, we attributed this to the stop of laying. It has now been 2 weeks with perfectly heated environment and still no eggs! Examining the chickens you can see the lump where the egg is sitting (not at the vent). They have become lethargic and lay on the ground. They are constantly pushing open the vent trying, but with no luck. They are eating normally with 16% lay pellet, COB, and various fresh items from the garden, but seem to have extreme diareha. They are all in the molting process, but have little to no feathers around back end. The area in which the egg is sitting is discolored a reddish bruise. I am having a hard time diagnosing, originally thinking they were egg bound, but has been far to long (2 weeks) and chickens have not died. I am baffled ... PLEASE HELP!
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    I have no idea but maybe someone on here will help...Experts Please...and Good Luck with them...
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    I think a picture would be exceedingly helpful in this instance. Actually, cold temps shouldn't have too much effect on egg laying. Chickens are photosensitive. That means that the longer they are exposed to LIGHT (not necissarily warmth), the better their egg production should be. Molting chickens also usually results in halt of lay.

    As far as the runny stool, what color?
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  4. DogGUrl

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    Oct 18, 2011
    The stool is now like water, and is like a yellowish color now. They seem to be laying on the floor of the coop more, continually trying to lay, but no eggs. I have ten chickens and some are looking less effected than others. I have blocked them inside the coop with no outdoor access so they can be more closely monitored. I defiantly do not believe that this is due to them being egg bound as it has been far to long (without the outcome of death). I am a new chicken owner and am having hard time figuring this out on my own. I done massive research with no luck with a solution. Opinions would be much appreciated. Thanks. P.S. Will try to get picture of chickens as soon as possible.
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    Oct 8, 2011
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    Could they have gotten in to something toxic? I just don't know, mine have always been healthy. Hope you get some more experienced awnsers. [​IMG]
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    They will lay less if at all while molting, but molting should not make them that sick. I would think it would have to be some sort of infection or toxin since they are all sick. I have no idea what. Best I can do is give you a couple of links to look through, in case something sounds like it could be your problem. Really, a vet would be your best option, though I realize for many or most on here, that is not an option. there are online vets you can call, too, for a fee. At least, I'd check your feed closely for off color or flavor, or even just replace it.

    I hate to even say this, but if you lose one, you need to consider a necropsy, which a state vet will usually do for not a lot of money.
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    Jan 30, 2011
    I have a chicken with very similar symptoms -- are your chickens struggling to breath at all? it could be a blocked passage causing fluid to build up.
  8. DogGUrl

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    Oct 18, 2011
    The feed could not be the problem, as we just replaced all the feed approx 1 and a half weeks ago. This may sound silly but when I bought the chickens the head was vibrant red. Some of the chickens skin is a much lighter red and half have virtually no red at all now. All of the chickens seem to be in bad shape but some seem to be worst than others. If a chicken is molting does an egg still get produced and sit in that bottom area? Could it be that there nesting areas aren't comfy enough? We have hard water(lots of minerals), could that be it? I am willing to try anything!

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