Need help to identify Breed


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9 Years
Jul 12, 2010
Hi everyone since I found out that Bantam is the size of a chicken I have no idea what Breed my chickens are. I think I have a few different types but this is Jenny maybe you can help me. She has beautiful feathers on her feet, like my 2 Roosters. I am hoping I can figure out how to post the photo.
How do you pronounce that exactly? Oh and TYSM for helping me Identify my sweet Jenny.....I have 2 new chicks I will post pictures of. I have them inside right now they are a month old and all feathered very tiny still......I am not sure of their sex and would like to introduce them to my 3 free roamers....2 hens a a Rooster. Is it too soon? Will they be okay? I am nervous I would hate to have something happen to them. Will take pictures in a little bit and post.
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