Need help troubleshooting my pressure washer

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Mar 12, 2008
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I was so happy to have finally purchased a pressure washer to blast the gunk out of my ducks' swimming pool. It was a used one at a price I could afford. The seller came to my house & showed me how to set it up, turn it on, and use it. It worked very well for him & for me. After he left I continued to use the washer and thoroughly cleaned the ducks' pool. There were no problems and I was very happy with my purchase.

It's been a few weeks since that time, and I needed to clean the pool again. Only this time I had trouble getting the pressure washer to work. The motor is working fine, I think, putt-putting away and not sounding strained. But I couldn't get the water to blast out of the nozzle every time I pulled the trigger. It was working for a while, then there would be times when I pulled the trigger & got nothing, not even a drizzle. I kept trying different things, making sure the hoses weren't kinked or anything. Then there would be a short period when it would work again, and then again nothing.

It seems to me that there is something clogging a line somewhere. During the times it didn't work the trigger was loose, and the hose didn't feel as full. But where do I start to trouble shoot this? And how? Or is this something an amatuer should even attempt by themself?
thanks for posting, I would love to see the answer to this! Mine is gas powered, has worked for years, then it would sometimes work, sometimes not. I can get water to drizzle out, but the motor is not pressuring the hose, I use it for EVERYTHING and I hate to go back to the shop...

it is very important to keep the nozzle clean!! never put the tip on the ground even when you get tired and just want to drop the wand. the smallest peice of debris in the tip will cause a problem like this. also make sure the water is on fully at the sillcock. if you have laundry goin or someone is taking a shower will lower water preasure. make sure there are no kinks in both hoses. there should be a filter where you connect the hose, its probaly clean but wont hurt to check. i would look real close in the tip and see if its clean. hope i could help.

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