Need help trying to identify these 4 different chicks


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Oct 22, 2007
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Bought these yesterday at the farm store and not sure what breed they are. The young man that helped me with them told me they don't lay eggs and are meat birds. He also said they are straight run so I'm guessing if I got any hens they will be laying eggs!
These are my first chicks and even with all my researching on the subject since last October, I'm clueless as to what breeds I have here. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!!!




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They dont look like meat birds to me, maybe heavy breeds. The first one looks like my blue/buff orp mixes. The second maybe a barred rock or maran?? Third, buffy??

I am not good at IDing tinies....
i agree , that second one looks just like my barred rock
i'm sure when they get bigger you can tell what that first one is
the last one looks like a buff orpin.
Yeah!!!! Exactly what I was thinking too!! Was soooooooo hoping that the first one might be a blue orp! I bought two of those. I also was guessing the black one as a barred rock. Third one a BO but has white wing feathers developing. Is that right for BO? Last one I'm wondering if it is a RIR?

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