Need Help...Watery Eyes.. What to do?


13 Years
Oct 29, 2009
My 2year old EE hen has stopped laying eggs for the last six days. Could it be because of her watery eyes? Is this a form on an infection? I've isolated her from the rest of the flock. Now, what's the next step?


Yes that looks like an infection. Go to your TSC and get a dog/cat eye saline wash and wash her eye every day and lets wait and see if somone post some dosages for antibiotics.
Hi, I know this is an old post but the picture looks just like the eye of one of my new EE hens I got a month ago. Today is her first day with the eye like that. Today is also the first day in weeks of non stop heavy rains. Whatever happened with your EE hen that had the eye issue?

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