Need help! WIld 20+ ducks keep getting in the coop daily

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by tlouiselle, Sep 22, 2015.

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    Unless I misread the first post, Muscovy is the breed of duck being discussed. They are not wild ducks.

    Tractor Supply sells an economically priced trap that would work for trapping them.

    Have you asked your neighbor to please keep his ducks on his property?
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    She said that they encouraged wild ducks to nest on their property and they claim they are theirs now because the feed them and they wont leave whether or not you can get them at a store these birds were born in the wild and should have stayed in the wild. They are part of the ecosystem with out them the hunter/ predators have less to eat and thing they eat could go out of control. I am not saying that ducks arent pets but these ones were not meant to be and should not be treated as pets. I am have a big pet peve about feeding wild animals amd trying to keep them. I have an uncle how keeps raccoons and on he kept is now wild (he let her go) she now brings her babies back to his house to be feed so now there is a generation of raccoon in the wild that think of humans for food and wont be able to have a normal raccon life because of this. He also keeps other animals and feeds them that should be in the wild. Thearea in which he leaves is very uncaring about whether or no he has a permit. He also has peacocks (not bad birds) but he will not contain them to his own yard they go all over town eating flowers beds, damaging cars (the males see their reflection and try to fight them self). He claims that if my dog killed one while it was not on his property i would owe him money for said bird which is far from the truth because he must contian them and have them killed on his property for anyone to owe him money for damages. I love my uncle but i dont like his actions when it comes to animals. Her neighbors remind me of him.
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    The OP stated there were 8 Muscovy ducks on the pond. The neighbor fed them during breeding season.

    I don't see mention of any wild breeds of duck in those two sentences.......
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    Mar 15, 2015
    They are wild muscovys that live on our pond and their offspring are now too tame. My neighbor will not listen to reason. I can not involve them. It will start a conflict. She is not of "sound mind" and does NOT have the money to build a house or feed them. She feeds them dog/cat food which they can not live on either.

    I was just wondering if there was anything that they are scared of that would keep them out of the yard (owls, snakes). I can't let my chickens out to free range now because the amount of ducks free feeding from my chicken feeders is just too much...the chickens avoid going in the coop to eat then too and are losing weight.

    It is just a bad situation. I will have to call someone to trap them...which will no doubt cause an issue from my neighbor but I have no choice.

    Now off to look up a number for fish and wildlife :)

    Thank you everyone!
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    Electric fence
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    If these ducks are Muscovys, after they are trapped people may take them as pets.
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    DNR will probably not get involved since these are a domestic feed of ducks.

    Unfortunately, electric fencing will probably not help either. Muscovies can fly rather well.

    When you turn your chickens out to free range, pick your feeders up.

    If the ducks are going in the chicken house, close the door and call your trapper.

    Have you called animal control? It is illegal for animals to wander.
  8. JajaEgg

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    Apr 4, 2015
    Is it possible to hang some bird netting up around the fence?

    We did that around our coop and run and our chickens range area of our yard to keep our chickens from flying out into the other part of our yard. Our dogs are not chicken friendly, and their are other predators in our woods too so keeping them in their area has been wonderful.

    We spent 30$ at a hardware store for the netting.

    The added benefit has been squirrels who used to steal their way into the run and much out on Layer food have stopped sneaking in and even though the netting might need to be repaired occasionally because of limbs falling, It has been given us peace of mind that our girls food isn't disappearing and they are safer too.

    Good luck with the duck problem.
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    Mar 15, 2015
    I am going tp put a call into animal control. I have been making calls all day about this because my chickens were acting odd and losing weight/drop in egg production. When I went to check on them this afternoon there are scabs on one from pox. She didn't have the scabs when I left town 11 days ago. So I now have my unfortunate answer on what was causing the chickens to be acting strange. I thought it was stress form the ducks. However, I have been on the phone and making runs to get everything to help treat it...everyone told me that they caught it from the ducks. This weekends plans are to get rid of the ducks. Trapper, animal control, anything. I am furious that I may lose my chickens because of this. They are pets to me and I adore them.
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