Need Help With A Broken Beak!


9 Years
Sep 1, 2010
Albion, Wisconsin
I have a question for y'all. Long story short, I was contacted by a gentleman who bought four of my laying hens a few months back. He sent me a note asking for help because one of the hens stuck her neck? through his wire fence and managed to break her beak. The break in right at the base of her mouth near the "corner" right below her nostril. I was thinking he might try super glue but the area is rather close to her nostril and the corner of her mouth.
Do any of you have ideas for him to try? He sent me photos in pfd format and I'm having trouble with them. I will keep trying, but I might not be able to post them......

Uniontown Poultry

9 Years
Sep 7, 2010
Southwestern Pennsylvania
Perhaps a strip of athletic tape cut to act as a "butterfly" bandage? That athletic tape is made of fabric (looks kind of like gosgrain ribbon) and is extremely durable. On the outside of the beak it would probably last long enough for the beak underneath to heal. Just a thought.

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