Need Help with a Lumpy Headed Chicken


5 Years
Apr 18, 2014
We purchased 40 straight-run chicks and received them Feb. 10 making them approx. 2 months old. We lost a few immediately after receiving them but since then they have been thriving. We just moved them to outdoor quarters a week ago. Today, I noticed that one of the flock looked different. I caught it and took a couple of photos (attached). This bird has lumps on it's head. One lump above each eye, one at the edge of the beak, and a small one under the beak. The one on the beak is a bit bloody, either one of it's mates pecked it or it is self-inflicted, I can't tell. It looks pretty gnarly. The lumps don't seem to bother it much, it is as active as the rest. I don't see any other symptoms.

I separated this one from the flock for observation and to avoid spreading this to the others. I am relatively new to chickens, I started about two years ago. I grew up on a farm but didn't have chickens, so I don't have much experience with birds.

Can anyone tell me what I am looking at? What should I do as far as treatment of the particular bird and the flock? Will it spread to the others?

Thanks for your help,


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