Need help with aggressive...PULLET!


Jul 27, 2020
No cockerels in this pen of pullets.
Ok I was just asking because they sound like they are getting to the age where one is going to be very dominate. I had a bad problem once when a hen thought she was in charge of the flock. As soon as i isolated her and put her back my rooster took over and she's not near as mean.


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Mar 16, 2016
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Restrain her firmly, but without excessive pressure. It's more about subordinating her than 'crushing'.
@sourland This seems to be working. It has been two days since she has attacked me. There are times when she looks like she's thinking about it, but then retreats on her own. Each time I held her down it seemed to throw her into a hiccup fit that lasts for a few minutes. I noticed this awhile back when I dusted her for mites, too. I thought it was the powder but it seems to happen when she is restrained. Regardless, she does not seemed hurt by it and I will continue to give "tune-ups" as needed. Thank you for your advice.

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