Need help with breed of 6 chickens--age 11 weeks


7 Years
Mar 24, 2012
Bardstown, KY
I'm new to chickens and don't know what kind we have. Can anyone give some guesses as to what the breeds might be? I'm pretty sure they are all hens (well, as sure as anyone new to chickens can be!! lol)...

Henny--she's got almost a bluish-gray tint to some of her feathers--

Penny (the white one)--I'm guessing white rock because of the earlobe, but she's not pouffy so maybe a Leghorn??? --

Samantha (Sam)--I've got two pictures of her--RSL??--

Ella--another RSL?? (she's the pretty girl on the left)--

Georgina "Georgie"--RSL??--

And finally, Dixie--RSL again???--I've got two pics of her (she was about 8 weeks old in the 2nd pic)--

Thanks in advance!! I've been lurking for a few months and finally got brave enough to post
Sam, Ella, Georgia and Dixie all look like Red Sex Link/Red Star/Golden Comet/etc. etc. hens. They have so many names for this "breed". I have a bunch too and they are all so sweet. My 3 year old RSL hen is still a great layer too! Not sure about the other chickens. Penny looks like maybe a Rock since she has red earlobes and yellow legs? No clue on Henny, sorry!
the first looks like either a splash andaulsion or a hybird white egg layer (i think Ideal calls thiers an Ideal 236 or something)
white leghorn pullet, looks to thin to be a rock, but it does look like it has red earlobes
the rest are red sexlinks
Thanks everybody! The red ones are so sweet, and I love their markings. I had thought about Andalusian because of Henny's legs, but the more I looked at different breeds the more I confused myself :)
I don't think the first one is an andalusian -- andalusians are really skinny/slender and yours looks a bit bulkier. Not sure what she could be though! And yes, all of them are definitely girls, and the red ones are Red Sex Links ^_^

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