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Nov 28, 2018
Hi all, Im new here on backyardchickens and new to keeping chickens. A few days agoI picked up a pair of silver laced wyandottes about three months old from one of my local feed stores and then yesterday I saw dark red chicken about the same age and size as the wyandottes at another feed store and decided to go ahead take her. I asked the guy working there if she was a rhode island red and he said no, that it was another breed he could not remember, but looking at photos online it looks like a rhode island red to me. If anyone could clear this up foe me it would very appreciated. Also, she is kinda mean to the other two. I have them in a 80 sq ft coop with two roosts, two feeders and she will chase them away from both but if I walk up to or go in the coop she comes right up to me or my daughters and lets us pick her up no problem unlike the wyandottes. And the white color on her chest is just dust from fresh feed I had just put in the coop.

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