need help with broody hen!


11 Years
Nov 23, 2008
Long Island, NY
hey guys my black silkie went broody.... i went out this morning and she keeps moving her nest from spot to spot inside her house.... she keeps leaving eggs behind...... how can i get her to stop moving the nest all around or stop forgetting eggs..... anyone ever have this issue? is it her way of saying she has too many?!
She just might need a more secure feeling area, like a small cat crate or something to brood in. Maybe she's moving it because it doesn't feel cozy and private enough........
could be! never thought of that!!!..... could i put her in a cat crate and bring her indoors? i was just worried because its getting colder out and if i bring her in now... she wont acclimate .... i plan on taking the chicks from her when they hatch anyway.....
If you don't have you heart set on her hatching her current eggs try giving her some golf balls until she settles on a spot she likes. After she settles then give her eggs to hatch. Why are you going to take the chicks? I always leave mine with the broodies if they are competent moms, they do all the work and you reap the rewards. Also it has been my experience that if they lose their chicks they will brood again quickly.
i am only thinking of taking the chicks because where i live it is already only 60's during the day.... its so cold. and shes been on these eggs for 5 days now.... i do want these to hatch because id like to get rid of my roo.....
I would confine her to a dog crate or rabbit cage, give her nesting material, then wait until she settles down. After she's settled, give her some eggs.

I never take chicks away from the broody (often you'll end up with her being broody again right away). I've let broodies raise chicks in the dead of winter here - daytime temps in the singe digits. I've never lost one to the cold, the broody is their mobile heat lamp and the chicks will tuck under her whenever they need her. Just make sure they have a source of water that doesn't freeze.
Yup, I agree with the others, except for the cat crate. She must have room to leave the nest and eliminate. If you have a dog sized crate or pen, that`s ideal, but leaving it outside is preferred for the reason you mentioned. It`s been my experience that a hen can keep chicks warm, even in reasonably cold weather, like down in the 30`s..........Pop
ok... i had my other silkie go broody a while back which hatched my current broody lol. and she would get off everyday.... but this broody mama is not getting up. i haven't seen her get up to eliminate or eat or drink. she is wanting these babies badddd. lol should i force her off the nest?
In my experience I don't force them off the nest unless the eggs are not going to hatch and she is going to set her self to death. Some chickens can be dumb though and die while brooding. I would just put food and water close by and see how she does. Disturbing her too much could make her feel uncomfortable and she may stop brooding.

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