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Aug 22, 2008
South Central KY
My 3 year old son has supra pubic catheter plus a bag for collection and will have it for another 2 weeks. wanting any ideas to make some type of bag to help support the weight of the bag plus not easily tripped over. I keep the bag empty but just with an active 3 year little boy it is pulling on his catheter which is stichted into his belly. I am thinking if I could make some type of bag but I am not creative at all.. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

THis is my first post but I am a regular on this site and love to read the forums as well and I know many people come up with some very creative ideas.
what type of bag does he have for it? is it a bigger hanging type bag with a hook..or a smaller "leg" bag? if its a leg bag they come with little elastic bands that go around the leg to hold it in place. maybe you can use a pillow case somehow to make a bag for it? poor little guy! sorry that your son has to have one of those..
wish i could be more help to you....there are a few nurses on here..they will chime in and help..good luck with your little boy.
did the hosp not send one home with him? my husband had a cath after some surgery and had a support belt that came home with him for that purpose. you may want to contact the doc.
Redhen thank you for the pillow case idea, see I had not even thought of something like that. We have the big bag with the hook and a leg bag as well but it seems like both pull at the catheter in his belly with even the smallest amount of fluid, I try to empty the bag in use as much as possible. Yes we have the leg bag with the plastic wraps but the tape that was used after the surgery has left so much sticky residue and he seems to be so red and irraited where the tape was the bands only seem to make it more irriated.
I'm not sure how big the collection bag is, but what about the old style "fanny packs"? Would he wear something like that? Or what about an ACE bandage wrapped loose enough to be comfy, but tight enough for support? Good luck...sounds like you have your hands full.
This is a tough one.
Do they make boxer briefs for little boys?You may be able to tuck the leg bag inside there or it may protect his legs from being irritated by the straps.
It might be possible to sew a simple cloth bag for it with a strap to go over one shoulder, like a little purse (just what every little boy wants, but maybe in cute material).
Good luck. You have your hands full.
They actually have the collection bags now in a fanny pack style support system. Ask your physician to prescribe this for you and your local pharmacy or medical supply place should be able to order it in for you. If you can't wait, you could improvise by converting a small fanny pack for him yourself.
If he still has tape residue on the skin, a little nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball will remove it.

I might try securing the bag to his body with a tension bandage, the kind you would use on a sprain, and just wrap it all the way around him a few times.
Hi, sorry 'bout you all having to deal with this! We would put a tube sock that had the toe cut off over the leg then put the rubber straps over that-- no irritation. Also remember that the urine has to flow downhill or he will be prone to infections if the urine remails in the bladder too long. We also had little special straps the stayed on the abdomen, wrapped around the tube where it came out of the stoma and it stabilized the tube to stop it moving too much. I don't know what they were called but your hospital may know. Take care, Roz

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