Need help with Coryza meds

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    Hello,My boys are in 4-H and have we chickens, we are not very experienced. We went to a sale and bought some new chickens about three weeks ago. I kept them apart from other chicken for two weeks I did not know it was for thirty days. Now we have the coryza in our flock. I have been reading what you have been saying . We have all the signs even the smell. Yuk. I have been doing the Tetracycline for about three days. I was wanting to know if you can use the Tylan- 50 and Tylan 200 injectable at the same time. and can you it on turkeys. We have two Hens that we love, along with the other girls can you give me weight for them. I'm giving to the farmstore at dawn. If you could give the amounts that would be wonderful. My boys have almost been in tears. We are very attached to our babies. Please help! And feeling very not smart this morning time.[​IMG] Thank you for your help.
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    I posted this in the other thread, but just so it is with your new one:

    Coryza does not affect any other species of animal. None. There are other diseases that have similar symptoms, and do affect other species. Fowl cholera also has some odor, and yes, it affects many other species, including humans.

    Tetracycline will have little or no affect on coryza. Tylan or baytril are much better choices. You would need a vet to prescribe baytril; tylan is OTC. I don't know much about turkeys, but if they have the same symptoms, you are likely dealing with something other than, or in addition to coryza for all of them.

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