Need help with draining the fluid from one

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  1. Eggsoteric

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    Nov 25, 2010
    of my hen's abdomen. Can anyone give me an idea on the placement of the needle or does anyone have pictures of where the needle should be placed? What size needle should I use? I know that chances are the fluid will return, however, for now, I'd like to make her as comfortable as possible. Thank you.
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  2. brooster 22

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    Mar 3, 2010
    My hen has a similar problem-my needle was too small but I managed to get 50 cc or so. I am going to get an 18 guage needle tomorrow and do some more draining-but not all of it-I understand they can go into shock. My hen's skin was drawn tight and was red and shiny. I inserted the needle easily about an inch below the vent =go just deep enough to get fluid when drawing back with the syringe She was lying on her side-I gently massaged and squeezed to fill the syringe. I also moved the needle to the right and got more fluid-clear odorless. I think with a larger syringe it will drain more easily. I am a nurse and tried to be as sterile as possible. Afterward I bathed her bottom with warm water and dried her with a hair dryer-she had a nice fluffy bottom whrn she returned to the flock!! Good luck!! I will do this as long as it takes! She seems heavy today so needs some relief tomorrow!!

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