Need help with droopy eyes.


6 Years
Jul 26, 2013
Lebanon, PA
Good week ago a few of my juvenile chickens are getting droopy eyes. I've looked at many different forums and not finding what I'm seeing. Saw a few that had a similar problem but my birds don't seem to have any sort of cold. I have 11 birds in my garage coop that are 9 wweks old. Only 4 of them having this problem. I would quarinten them but at this point if its something serious they're all gonna get it anyway I figure. Its been a good week and a half and all started around the same time. None of my other birds seem to have anything. Only thing I notice is this droopy eye. No heavy breathing or snotty noses, no diarrhea and 3 of the 4 seem like everything is good. The 1 the past 2 days hasn't seemed so good. Standing in the corner with her tail down, not eating or drinking all that good. So does anyone have any idea? Does seem to be a sickness. Should I attacking with antibiotics or wait it out? Thanks
IT could be mycoplasma (MG.) I would recommend getting them tested. Tylan and oxytetracycline are medicines that treat MG, but the chicks can still be carriers, if that is what they have.
MG is a respiratory infection and highly contagious. Wouldn't they all have symptoms and the sick ones have more heavy breathing? Even the sickest one has no wezzing.
Thanks for the update, but sorry that you got that diagnosis. It's good to know what's going on however. I would close the flock to any new birds, and of course, don't sell or give away any. IB can cause the chickens to be carriers for up to a year, but MS causes carriers for life. Chlortetracycline, Tylan, or Gallimycin are commonly used to treat MS.

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