Need help with Duck mating questions!!!!


Sep 27, 2021
Hi fellow duckies lovers,

I recently adopted a drake for my all girls flock, so I am quite new to this drake thing... Here are some questions I have about this new drake addition.

1. Billie the new Buff drake has joined the family for about two months now. He was born on March and he was alpha to the previous owner's flock. Previous owner had 3 drakes and 1 girl... that's why she wanted to give her extra drakes away. From what she said, it seems like girl was mounted too much and was stressed out (so I assume that Billie is perfectly capable of mating from that comment). However, after he has been integrated into my flock (took about 2 weeks), he would mount one of the female in the pool but like after 1 SECOND he would let out this whistle sound and flop to the side, then he would jump out of the pool and run around (victory lap? from what I have read). I don't believe that any actions have been taken in such a short time... Is this normal? Do drakes mate all the time or do they only really mate during mating season? Is something wrong with Billie? I read somewhere that ducks' penises get shorted if it's not mating season???? Count that be?

2. Prior to adopting Billie, I have 5 girls (1 Khaki, 3 Golden Hybrid, 1 Buff), Buffie the Buff Orpington duck, was I believe the lowest of the pecking order because the rest of the girls seems to push her around. Yet somehow she is often the one on top when they do their mating rituals in the pool. After Billie has been integrated into the flock, all the other girls EXCEPT Buffie are okay with him mounting them, but Buffie Never wants anything to do with Billie, so it's been this endless chasing loop. What doesn't help is that Billie CONSTANTLY chases her... by now I don't even know if he is chasing her because he wants to mount her or because he is bullying her. I am wondering if it could be that Buffie thinks of herself as a boy... and Billie is trying to assert his dominance? Any thoughts on this?

Any help would be great because I am super duper confused about these behaviors. Thank you all in advance for reading my post and answering my questions!!!!:bow


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It usually doesn't take ducks long to mate. He is young, so maybe he hasn't gotten the hang of it yet. The best way to tell if has happened is to look at the male afterward. If he has mated, his penis will be hanging out of his vent. It will slowly retract and go back inside of him, but it takes a bit.

Also, ducks generally mate a lot less in fall. When the days begin to get longer in late winter is when they mate the most.

As far as Buffie goes, she probably just hasn't accepted Billie as quickly as the other ducks have. Female ducks are just like female chickens in that they have to consider the male worthy before allowing him to mate with her. That won't stop him from trying, though! Is he aggressive toward her at other times besides when they are doing the mating rituals? If not then I think there is no cause for worry.


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-Unless anyone is getting injured I wouldn't worry.

-Young drakes practice a lot and it's fall so not the usual mating season.

-Ducks like people all have their own personalities. Just as some women like some men and can't stand others some hens will like some drakes and run for the hills from others. This also happens as well with drakes having a particular taste with the hens and ignoring others. Just because Buffie doesn't want to mate doesn't mean she thinks of herself like a boy, it just means she doesn't want to mate and doesn't like your drake. I have a hen who is very independent from the flock and only ever liked my one drake. I like to let my ducks make their own choices as long as no one is hurting anyone. Even when I choose breeding pairs I don't force it by putting a hen/drake in a breeding pen with a mate they don't like.

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