Dec 16, 2020
I just got this baby yesterday it is an indian runner duck and brand new hatchling like a day or 2 old and when taking him home I noticed something severely wrong with the leg I've never had this problem before with any of my birds and I want to know if there is a way to correct the leg or not I would really hate to put him down I dont have the funds for surgery I dont know if this is a deformity or if his leg is broken the leg is in an upright curve and he just keeps stumbling around he flips onto his back and cant get back up he does however have the ability to hop around for a short period of time please help


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It appears there may be a luxation of the intertarsal leg joint. That can happen due to nutritional deficiencies, trauma, genetics, or a malposition that occurred during the incubation period. Looking at the picture the joint appears to be severely rotated, fused, as well as having some edema. Are you able to move/tease the joint at all?

If you're not able to take her to a vet, I'm afraid your choices are limited as far as what you can do. Sometimes you're able to pop the joint into place, but this looks more like it's fused, and given the rotation, you'll probably end up injuring the duckling by doing so. You could try making a sling for the duckling, and see how it gets along, but I'm afraid, given how young the duckling is, and the swelling that's already going on, that may bea painful route for the duckling. I'm afraid, euthanasia may be the best route if a vet is not an option.
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