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    Dec 18, 2014
    Ok I got 4 ducklings on 12-23-2014. they were 3 weeks old when I bought them I have them in a brooder still with a heat lamp with only a reqular bulb in it because it is less than 40 degrees and raining all week. when should I put them in a requler coop and take away the heat lamp. also when and how can I tell if they are male or female? how much water and food do they need a day I feed them purina flock raiser also how long till the females start laying and when can they start breeding?
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    They need to be fully feathered before going outside unless you plan on supplementing heat for them, By 8 weeks they should be ready but I'd still acclimate by taking them outside on nice days and letting them get use to the temps. at 5 weeks old they should have a brooder temp of 70* usually by 12-16 weeks you can begin to notice drakes getting larger than the ducks and by 4-5 months old drakes if not Muscovy will begin to get the drake feather, also ducks will quack loudly and often and drakes have a quiter more raspy quack which you may be able to start to hear by 6-7 weeks they will begin to mate around 4-5 months old and usually eggs come soon after. They need to have food and water 24/7 up until around 4-6 weeks old then you can take food and water away at night. Never give food without water and they need a container deep enough to wash their faces in. they need to dunk their heads.
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