Need help with Facebook blocking


8 Years
Apr 12, 2011
My companion has been blocked/closed from using his facebook account, he has never used the account and has no friends, completely blank. For some reason his account was blocked and now closed.

We have a pretty good idea who did this, it all started when we started having family problems again and when I had some animals turn up missing.

I know that there are some very smart computer people out there. We would like to know how to go about getting his account opened up again. we have been looking for someway to contact facebook and make a complaint but have found nothing.

If they would look at his account and see that he has never used I dont understand how they could have blocked it.

Please help, this is just so frustrating for him. Durning the fight that started all of this (again) he had a stroke that night, then the trouble with facebook and then the animals missing all within just a very few days.

Thank you for any help that you can give us. Just so darn mad at my so called "family" I could do bodily injury to someone.
Can he just make another facebook? It may be smart for him to use a first name and middle name only so that these people have a more difficult time finding him.

Otherwise I would suggest contacting Facebook to see if that account can be permanently shut down so he can just create another one.

Are you sure he just didn't forget his sign in information (like wrong password, etc?). I don't really know how someone could have gone in and locked his facebook. Facebook may have done it if his account had been hacked and was sending out spam. I've seen that happen before.
I agree with simply making a new account. I have a friend who uses her first and middle names instead of her last name to avoid people she doesn't really want finding her.

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