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    Jun 25, 2016
    I am new to raising chickens. Ive had my 2 hens and 1 for a year and never had any problems. I live in south Florida and the heat and humidity have been brutal. Over 100 every day. They have been turned out to run for more than a month but now they have stopped eating their scratch. They eat everything except the cracked corn which makes up a large amount of the feed. And are constantly acting like they are starving. They go as far as to climb in the dog pens to eat dog food and attack the cat to eat his food. Is there something else i can feed them that is not outrageously expensive?
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    A proprietary feed is necessary for healthy birds (unless you wish to make your own feed). You could try mixing some of the scratch with water.
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    You didn't mention layers feed or flock feed and you said cracked corn's a large part of their diet.
    It seems like they are lacking nutrition and looking for it in the dog and cat food, which is fortified with vitamins, minerals and protein, which scratch grains and corn are lacking.
    If they're laying eggs I would get them layers feed which is fortified and has double the protein of scratch grains and corn.
    If they never had pellets, I would get crumble. They may be reluctant to eat it, just toss it on the ground instead of scratch for 2 or 3 days and put in a feeder. It's double the price of scratch or corn but that's the best solution IMO. GC
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    I don't know about double the price. My flock raiser is $16.99 for 50# and the 4-grain scratch is $12.99 for 30#. Of course there are cheaper scratch mixtures but they tend to be mostly corn. As an alternative to the scratch I sometimes get wild bird seed mix which they also really like; either way, the "scratch" should be given sparingly. I do offer oyster shell which is 50# for I think $8, and that lasts a very long time.
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    Yes you are right I pay $6.49 for 25# mostly corn.
    So layer feed is about the same per pound. But most come in 50# bags, so double the price of 25# of scratch.
    But you can get start & grow unmediated 18% protein in 25# for about $8.49 in the northeast. GC

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