Need help with figuring out who to buy a SQ splash silkie Roo from????


11 Years
Oct 9, 2008
Need help with figuring out who to buy a SQ silkie Roo from???? Blue or Splash is fine. I am wanting to breed splash silkies and I need a SQ roo. Which color would be best to get? Blue or splash? I know about the dilution gene in when you breed splash silkies. So should I get a blue roo???
What do you currently have?

If it were me, I would breed blue to blue, or blue to splash. I wouldn't breed splash to splash as you're just creating problems to deal with later on down the line.

That being said, George Mihalik has great blues, HiHo Silkies has some great blues, Linda Harrison has some great splashes, Fluff-N-Stuff has some great blues, I've got blues and splashes from Peekaboo and they are looking good.
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I have this nice hen


I also have this nice hen

I am wanting a nice roo to improve my flock but I am not sure who to by from or if I should get a blue or a splash.
I also have another one but I dont have a picture of her.
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