Need help with first hatch please!


6 Years
Apr 17, 2013
I recently built an incubator for around $15 and after a failed hatch due to temperature issues I have now hatched out two chicks! They hatched yesterday and I had to help both of them because the inner membrane dried around them. Yesterday I realized that one of the chicks had curled feet so I used a band-aid to straighten them. Then I found its legs wanted to spread so I put a band-aid around them, I feel bad for doing that but I knew it would help. Both chicks are in the brooder right now but the chick who is having problems (George) isn't doing much more than sleeping and cheeping. I was wondering if there is something I can do to make him less lethargic. I should also add that he didn't absorb the whole yolk and that I have sugar water available but George isn't drinking. Thanks everybody!
Mine had the same toe problem. I took him out and individually wrapped each one with tape. Unwrap his legs for a while and put him in a small box. No heat, water or bedding. Make sure the bottom is not warm and put the sugar water and a little food at the end of the box. Make him walk to it by pecking at it with you finger. Keep trying to make him eat something for a whole minute by pecking at what you want him to eat with your finger. After the minute hopefully he ate or drank something. Lastly put one of your fluffiness socks in the brooder under the heat lamp and place him on it. Try to make him eat again in 30mins to an hour
oh dear. how much yolk did he not absorb? how curled are his toes? can he walk at all? what is the color of his yolk sac? you may want to make some sav-a-chick electrolyte solution with water. they sell sav-a-chick packets at Tractor supply. it sounds like your chick may also have spraddle-leg. is a BYC thread that will show you how to treat this. and that thread may help with the "unabsorbed yolk sac"
be very careful and dont let the other chick peck at him. good luck!
Thanks! I kept him in the brooder last night and found him this morning on his stomach with his eyes closed gulping for air. I thought he was going to die so I put him in the incubator and after an hour he is chirping and waddling around (I took the band aids off this morning). He didn't absorb about a quarter of the yolk and I am wondering if I should put a scrambled egg in for him to eat to get protein. I may try what you did lalalovinlil! Thanks again! George is very sleepy and hasn't opened his eyes yet but he has a strong chirp!
Thanks I did what you said to and it worked! I don't know what was wrong with him! He is 90% better and waddling around in the incubator.
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