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    May 27, 2008
    My son has been incubating eggs as a science project. This is our first hatch, and we are pretty clueless. We got eggs from a friend - chickens, turkeys and geese. I now realize we probably shouldn't have done all of these together, but we didn't have anyone tell us any differently. Only 4 of our 12 chicks hatched, but both turkeys made it. We don't even know for sure whether all of the eggs were fertilized, and we didn't candle them (because we are just now learning about that - maybe next time) We had one chick we lost after it pipped because we didn't know about how to intervene. Now we are waiting on our gosling. We have two goose eggs, but I am pretty sure one is not going to hatch. The other one started making noise last night, and this morning we noticed that it pipped. I have to admit I reached into the incubator and picked the egg up because I was afraid it wasn't moving anymore. What I discovered was that it pipped on the bottom of the egg (the part resting on the incubator grate). So I flipped it over so the the pipped part is on top. It is now 9:30 at night, and the gosling has made no more progress hatching. It has made a tear in the membrane about 1 cm long, and a piece of shell fell off (about the size an m&m.) We added a drop or two of water to the membrane to help it stay moist, but I am afraid of drowning the poor gosling. It made quite a bit of noise when it felt the water. I can still hear the gosling "talking" to us, but it doesn't seem to be making any progress on hatching. I don't know if we should intervene, or how. My kids are really concerned about losing this little guy. Please help!

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    Did your gosling hatch?

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