Need help with leghorn chickens!!!!!


May 16, 2015
I have had my chickens since March 2015 and I am new to all of this. We have 14 chickens total but only 3 of them are the bantam leghorn and are the largest of the flock. I have been researching but I can not figure out what is wrong with them. They are still eating but constantly lay down and are wobbly when walking and going bald. Any advice???
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I hope someone else will chime in here my first thought was they are picking on each other, but under the wings and belly to me doesn't make sense.
my second thought is the feed. I used a cheap feed with one of my set of chicks and they seemed weak so I went to use the purina and they improved.
I then moved them on to a broiler feed to help them transition to layer feed. I just don't know if any of those things would be happening if it's only in certain places.
is it a chick feed or a layer feed you are feeding them?
Go to the thread First run of Cornish cross meat birds the will help you more!! A few of us have managed to keep Cornish cross hens or roosters alive to breeding and laying point now .
Cornish x are meat chickens, they eat like pigs because they are bred to have explosive growth and be slaughtered at an early age for the table. Even with best of care they will not live long, their growth rate outpaces their heart and other organs, and their legs fail from their sheer weight. Did you know they were meat birds, or did someone pull a 'fast one' on you?

They generally do not live long enough to lay eggs. I think they are usually processed at 10-12 weeks of age.

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