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  1. I have a Blue laced red wyandotte roo that is 28 weeks old. Over the past week or so I have noticed he is not acting right. He seems to be more lethargic than the other chickens. He has about 15 other chickens he shares a coop and yard with. He is the only one that seems effected. When I look at him his tail is always down and his comb seems pale. I have checked him for bugs, no mites not lice no nothing. He still eats with everyone, he scratches for bugs and grains, he drinks water. He is just slower. Could it be the other roos in the yard ? There is never any fighting goping on. Maybe I should seperate him? Maybe just the pecking order? He used to crow but not anymore. I have checked the info section on all respirtory diseases and all other diseases and nothing seems to match. I have yet to check his vent, but all else is ok. Just seems odd. ANy help would be great. Maybe something I forgot to check? Thanks.
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    Do his droppings look normal? He could have Coccidiosis. Coccidiosis usually affects younger birds, but can affect birds of all ages. It causes droopiness, palenss, lack of appetite, sometimes bloody droppings, and lethargy. The treatment for Coccidosis is Corid (amprolium).

    He could have worms. Lethargy and paleness are two signs of a worm infestation. If treating for Coccidosis doesn't work, trying deworming. Two good dewormers are Safeguard and Valbazen.

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