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Hey all. I just got home from buying 2 bantams. Both of which I thought was hens, but now I am certain that one is a roo and the other I am not so sure is not a roo also. Anyway 1 of them is super red around the vent area and is losing feather's. When I moved the feather's i could see little brown things crawling every where. Is this mites or lice and what can I do about it. Thanks

Edited to say: I took the one roo back and decided to get another one. Well needless to say the other roo I brought home has mites also and worms. What do I do for the worms? I don't know where or if I can get Ivermicin (sp). Anything I can use at home?
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You're going to keep these in a separate building from your existing flock for a month or so, right? <hope hope hope> If they are that mite infested, heaven knows what else they may have. At the very least you don't need the mites infesting your coop.

Dust food-grade DE (if you have it) under the bedding and into all the cracks and crevices of their temporary home - in addition to whatever you do to treat the mites on the birds, this will help limit the problem.

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Oh yes they are separated from everyone else. I already see another problem in the roo that I thought was a hen. He has got some kind of respitory (sp) issues. He is coughing and making some sort of gurgle when he breaths. Any ideas what this may be??

I didn't know this before I brought him home either!

No where around here sells food grade DE. What else can I use??
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You can use Sevin safely - that's what I use and it works really well. Plus it's safe for the eggs as Sevin is regularly used on veg's in the garden.
Thanks Heidi
Yep, Sevin under the wings, and around the vent, plus it doesn't hurt to put it in the dusting area, and on the roosts, and nests too. I use Ivomec to control worms, and help keep the mites down too. You can see more detail on my website HERE . Good luck!
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