Need help with my ducks


Jan 11, 2016
okay so I got 6 pekin ducks last april. all seemed fine they are now 9 months old. However I have lost two ducks in the last couple months. both with the same signs and symptoms. quick onset of sluggish behaviour like she has no energy, swelling in the head and this second one felt like she had no weight to her...felt honestly like a hollow duck...dead within 24 hours.....the first one had all the same symptoms with the exception of the weight the first duck felt normal....This is my first batch of ducks ever so I am new and trying to learn. I feed them water fowl food and they free range. I am at a loss as to what could be going on. Has anyone else experienced anything like this or know what might be going on. trying to figure this out before I lose another duck... Possible worms? Thanks


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@casportpony may have some ideas.

Some of the things that can happen are hardware disease (metal toxicity), infections, peritonitis, and parasites.

Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks has a chapter on some of the things that can go wrong, and The Ultimate Pet Duck Guidebook has a medical section as well.

Ducks hide disease and injury very well, so that by the time we realize something is wrong, they have been sick for a while.

I would pick up and examine each of the other four ducks. How is their weight? Watch them closely. Try changing the feed. How much do you give them? Do they have food with water 24/7?

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