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Jun 22, 2020
Hello I’ve made this incubator I’m just testing it out without eggs of course it’s a big styrofoam cooler from petco. The bottom is 13x21.5. The top half is 17.5x25 I have one 40w bulb and water dish and a thermometer that has the temp and humidity gages. The glad is from a picture frame secured with hot glue. The temp don’t no better then 75 and the humidity stays at 33. What can I do thanks
I need ideas please for getting and keeping the temp up at 99-100 and the humidity at 50-55 plus I might need a tray of some sort.

Please answer with pictures and great ideas please I have YouTubed everything and can’t figure it out. Please don’t be mean I’m researching thanks


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I bet you're loosing a lot of heat through the (beautiful) top window. Do you have the piece of foam you cut out of it? See what the temperature does if you place it over the window, then you can pick it up whenever you're checking on things. Failing that, anything white or reflective that will send heat back into the box. That worked for mine.
Definitely use two bulbs, for heat generation and in case one burns out. A fan would be ideal to move the air, heat, and humidity.

Consider adding a thermostat, otherwise you’ll have to monitor yourself very frequently throughout the day. And somehow adjust the temp so it stays constant.
I see some problems,
You need a wire netting as barrier for the light bulb.
You need air holes one on the side and one on the other side.
The light fixture needs to be connected to a digital thermostat controller.
Your hygrometer should sit at the same level of the eggs.

If you can find a square shaped plant water tray that would work. Then you can place cloth wire over the tray and securing it for the eggs to lay on. So the water will be gapped under the eggs.

I'm not comfortable using styrofoam as the containment, only because I've seen how fast they burn if they catch on fire.
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